Feat Rules

This is a collection of feats for characters in the Opal Empire, based on Wuxia ideas.

Open Game Content on this page is designated with a green box, like this one.

Flying Master

You have mastered the art of flying. It’s a special kind of flight, though. Think of it as exaggerated jumping. You travel mostly in a straight line, or an arc back to the ground. You can run up walls and trees. You can move as if you are much lighter, running on water and the tops of trees.

This gives you no bonus in combat, but it does let you move around a battle in three dimensions, which may let you avoid opportunity attacks you’d otherwise take if you moved on the ground.

Describe your movement in great, flashy, dramatic expressions.

Improvised Weapon Master

You can make almost anything into a weapon: a cup, a chain, a table, a chicken. Anything you can pick up, you can fight with. It takes a move action to pick up a nearby item.

Your improvised weapon does as much damage as a typical “maximal” weapon for your class, and has the same penalties and conditions. This applies only to the first round. Make a standard save to maintain and if you fail to maintain, decrease its damage die size by one step. If it’s already d4 damage, the weapon is lost or destroyed entirely. The next turn, you may spend a move action to pick up another nearby item.

Thrown Weapon Master

You are an expert at throwing one type of weapon that you can fight with in melee. You can throw multiples of these in rapid succession, even if they’re swords or spears. You can make melee attacks one round and ranged attacks the next, or vice versa, without any penalty for switching.

Imagine having a handful of swords on your person, and using your melee sword to fling other swords, which you juggle at the tip of your blade. That’s bad-ass. That’s you.

If it’s daggers, imagine you’re flinging dozens of them at a time. Some of them stick in nearby walls and the others spin off the first, ricocheting around corners to find your foes.

You don’t do additional damage or make additional attacks, no matter how many weapons you throw. Just inflict your normal melee damage (and miss damage).

Qi Master

You have developed control over your qi, your spirit energy. You may shift this energy to benefit you in different ways. Once per round, choose one of the following effects. The effect takes a quick action to initiate and lasts until the beginning of your next turn.

  • Qi Shield – Create an energy barrier around you, and receive a +1 bonus to armor class or physical defense (your choice).
  • Qi Focus – Center your energy to make a save that removes one condition on you.
  • Qi Bolt – Focus your energy and throw it at a foe: Make an extra Basic Ranged Attack this turn against one enemy. On a hit, deal 1d6 damage (miss: no damage).
  • Qi Strike – Enhance your melee attacks with spiritual energy. Gain a +1 to hit with one melee attack this turn.

Of course, in the Opal Empire, they call it THI, pronounced “thee” (with the th being somewhere between a hard T and a voiced TH as in “this”)—not QI.

Healing Master

You understand the flow of spiritual energy through the body. By working the body’s pressure points, you can restore life to an injured person. Once per encounter, as a standard action, touch an adjacent person. They may use a recovery on their next turn as a quick action.

Feat Rules

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