Five Houses

Dwarves generally adhere to a secular philosophy known as the Five Houses, which focuses on everyday living and family instead of gods and the afterlife. It is the dwarven answer to life without access to deities. They focus on laws and rules, but base those on principles of altruism and humaneness. The laws give instruction on how to act in a moral way—at least according to the dwarves. The rules are norms for propriety in everyday life.

The Five Houses proper are five pairs of formal ideals:

  • altruism and charity
  • justice and fairness
  • kindness and politeness
  • loyalty and faith
  • integrity and truth

Informally, the philosophy also treasures social harmony based on everyone knowing his or her right place, deliberate and careful action, meritocracy and the elimination of classes (and appointment by testing), and the idea that the universe is a machine that can be understood.

They record their knowledge in great, thick books. Some of their better known tomes include:

  • An Efficient and Happy Family, by Warmhearth Blackstone
  • An Efficient and Happy State, also by Warmhearth Blackstone
  • Crop Rotation and Animal Husbandry, by Goldenseed Mountaincross
  • Theory and Praxis: Communion with Nature, by Littlebeard Magicbowl
  • The Hundred Thousand Proper Names of Things, by Sturdy Halevaunt
  • Exorcism and Banishment, a Primer, by Coolfist Oakclub

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Five Houses

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